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Welcome to the ThumbsUp4Kindness Project!.

This is a work in progress project from the Lunch with Lynch Foundation. The message is simple: “The Power of Community by Paying it Forward with Random Acts of Kindness that can Change the World.”
#ThumbsUp4Kindness Challenge:

Get a Sharpie, ink pen or henna pen.

Draw a smiley face on your thumb.  

Change the world with Random Acts of Kindness!

Our mission is to challenge our youth to embrace and inspire KINDNESS among their peers!  #ThumbsUp4Kindness

Join our Kindness Project


  • Instill kindness in the classroom

  • Engage your local community as ambassadors of kindness

  • Reward your students for their kind accomplishments with more kindness

  • Embrace the #ThumbsUp4Kindness project as a school  program


  • Be leaders in your schools 

  • Make differences in your communities

  • Pay it forward to others with no reward 

  • Change the world through kindness

The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters

 explain the SMILES PROJECT with Mr. Lynch 

Special thanks to our good friends and longtime Lunch with Lynch supporters
The Harlem Globetrotters - Dizzy, Mighty, Bull and Moose! 
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