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Mr. Lynch's Kindness Mission ​

The Lunch with Lynch Foundation wants to help you spread the word of Kindness.


John Lynch, aka Mr Lynch, is the founder of the Lunch with Lynch Foundation and is the king of ThumbsUp in our community. If you are around Mr Lynch long enough, you will hear him say ThumbsUp4Kindness or ThumbsUp4Genny, especially when taking photos. It was his way to let his good friend, Genny Farnan Robinson, who was battling Brain Cancer, know that he was thinking about her. After a long and hard fought battle, Genny lost her struggle with cancer in 2017. Though, Mr. Lynch never stopped honoring her memory with his trademark ThumbsUp4Genny poise.


With the help of her family and friends, Mr. Lynch created a Scholarship fund for students in Cape May County. Because of Genny, the LWL Foundation has helped 22 college bound high school seniors receive a ThumbsUp4Genny Scholarship or a Lunch With Lynch Scholarship towards their collegiate pursuits. 


It has been a dream of Mr. Lynch to have a program that would be simple and easy for teachers and students to spread the message of kindness to those in all walks of life.  Henceforth, on January 1, 2017 the idea of ThumbsUp4Kindness was born. It has taken a long 14 months to get the project off the ground, but with the help of some awesome sponsors and friends in the community, we have the tools to make this dream a reality. 


We are a work in progress program, ever changing. We know we will make some mistakes: we will adjust the website, add new projects and take some out. But at the end of the day isn't that what kindness is all about? 


We hope you will join us on this quest. We would love to hear from you to provide us with some guidance and provide us some of your ideas to spread kindness in our Kindness Forum.


Mr. Lynch is the first one to admit, we are not experts on Kindness ... but we willing to be the ones who will help champion others to INSPIRE KINDNESS!

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