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ThumbsUp4Kindness Club

The ThumbsUp4Kindness club is a program for schools or organizations that have been nominated to Inspire Kindness in their community. The goal of the Lunch With Lynch Foundation is to have have two schools in each state be a part of our Thumbsup4Kindness project.

The Lunch With Lynch Foundation is based in Wildwood, NJ and instituted the program in a few schools in the community in the Spriong of 2018. Students from 1st grade to 12th grade are charter members of the program at the following schools. Crest Memorial, Margaret Mace, Glenwood Elementary, Wildwood High and Wildwood Catholic High School along with 3rd grade student in Cape May County, NJ.


Mr. Lynch, the founder of the Lunch with Lynch Foundation, has dedicated the #ThumbsUp4Kindness

program to Idlewood Elementary School, his alma mater located in Tucker, GA. Mr. Lynch has honored his 3rd grade teacher Ms. Sally Hale and the schools beloved principal, Mr. Jack Lavender as ThumbsUp4Kindness Goodwill Ambassadors. We also honor the memory of one of the greatest role models and World II hero's and the greatest "Dodge Ball" player ever, Idlewood's PE teach Mr. Henry Doar.

Mr. Lynch attended 1st through 7th grade at Idlewood and 8th through 12th at Shamrock High School graduating in 1980. He contributes much of his personal success in life to the teachers and administrators that shaped Mr. Lynch and his classmates into the people they are today.  


Mr Lynch's 7th Grade Class Photo - 1975
Ms. Hale

To inspire Elementary, Middle and High School children to make a difference in their classroom, school and community by performing random acts of kindness.


Target market:
A wide variety of school districts with a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds including public, private and charter schools. We have a three year plan to reach 200 schools.


Target Date:

Fall of 2018 for the 2018-19 School Year.


Geographical Region:
The Wildwoods, NJ - all students

Cape May County Schools - All 3rd Graders

Various schools in South Jersey & the Delaware Valley

A goal of at least two schools in all 50 states including idlewood Elementary School, Tucker, GA - where Mr Lynch went to school. 


To provide school children and their teachers with a plan on how they can make a difference in their community through random acts of kindness. 

We will require the following:

Each participating school and students will inspire kindness in their school on three separate dates. Two of the days will be at the discretion of the individual schools with the third date being the National #ThumbsUp4Kindness Day to be celebrated on the first Friday in the month of TBA. 


Encourage schools to:

  • Create a #ThumbsUp4Kindness Bulletin Board.

  • Write an essay on the Power of Paying it Forward towards others.

  • Have the students create a Top 10 Pay It Forward video to be shared on a YouTube Channel.

  • Share their stories and photos on the #YouInspireKindness FB page and website.

  • Send out a press release and allow the local media to help promote the event.

  • Encourage the students to create a Kindness Club.

  • Put a Smiley Face on their thumbs as a “commitment” to show their commitment to making a difference in the school and community. 


Each school will receive:

  • #ThumbsUp4Kindness wrist bracelet forll students and teachers

  • One(1) #ThumbsUp4Kindness challenge coin

  • Kindness Checklist with suggested act of kindness

  • 11x17 #ThumbsUp4Kindness posters for their classroom

  • Certificate of Kindness certificates for every students that participates in the program

  • Sample Press Releases to submit to local media outlets

  • Trifold flyer detailing the Lunch With Lynch Foundation



ThumbsUp4Kindess Ambassadors

John Lynch of the Wildwoods Convention Center and Oceanfront Arena, is the founder of the Lunch With Lynch Foundation. In the past 11 years his foundation has provided opportunities for the local youth of his community. He has amassed a team of “celebrity” Good Will Ambassadors comprised of local leaders, a US Olympian, WWE Superstars, Harlem Globetrotters, NFL players and college bound students who have excelled in school.  These Goodwill Ambassadors will help assist in the promoting of the #ThumbsUp4Kindess program through their social media outlets. 


Coming Soon 

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