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Make the First Friday of the Month

#ThumbsUp4Kindness Day 

Put on a bracelet 
Draw a smiley face
Join your peers
Change the world

Our goal of kindness is simple: 

to inspire kindness in school, at home and in the community!   
#ThumbsUp4Kindness is a grassroots "work in progress" project developed by John Lynch, the founder of the Lunch With Lynch Foundation. Mr. Lynch has been a champion of kindness in our local schools for the past 25 years. 

Mr. Lynch inspires our students to believe that the "Power of Community by Paying it Forward with Random Acts of Kindness can Change the World."  He has developed this program through his life experiences and working with our local school children through the United Way of CMC, Wildwood Optimist and his non-profit foundation. 
Mr Lynch is not a trained educator, though you would never know it when he is in the classroom. As the Director of Sales and Entertainment for the Wildwoods Convention Center, Mr Lynch uses his lunch breaks to support our local youth whenever possible. Respected by those in the education community, he is welcomed into the classroom by our students and teachers. 
Mr. Lynch would love to hear how you promote kindness in your classroom. We would like showcase these ideas as we refine our monthly school activities, listed below. 

Help us spread kindness and tell us your ideas by emailing Mr. Lynch here.


Mr. Lynch's Simple
First Friday of the Month 
Activities You Can Do At School  
2018-06-08 11.47.05.jpg
If you would like some free lesson plans to help promote kindness in the classroom, from kindergarten through 8th grade, we suggest visiting the Random Acts of Kindness website. This is one of Mr. Lynch favorite kindness webpages!

The lesson plans can be found at
There are so many ways to inspire
Think outside the kindness box!!!
  • Start a kindness club

  • Host a bulletin board contest

  • Inspire a kindness buddy

  • Begin a good manners club

  • Have an essay contest on kindness

  • Write and leave kind notes

  • Start a high five club

  • Record acts of kindness

  • Try for 50 kind acts in one week

  • Celebrate "thank you" days

  • Have a kindness coloring contest

  • Send letters to veterans

  • Make it fun and exciting

You too can inspire kindness

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